Our Upcoming Book: Urban Shalom and the Cities We Need

Want to be inspired, informed, and see urban change emerge from the ground up? In 2016 God brought together a group of urban Christian activists, scholars, and leaders to Quito, Ecuador to prepare to be participants and Christian witnesses at the United Nation’s Habitat III conference. Known as the Gospel and the Future of Cities Summit, the deliberations, prayers and engagement emerged as a book entitled Urban Shalom and the Cities We Need.  The book aims to be a theological and practical companion the to forthcoming statement entitled The Gospel and the Future of Cities: A Call to Action, helping Christians engage and contribute to the global commitments made at Habitat III.  Many of the chapters were given as talks at the summit in Quito and explore some of the critical themes, opportunities and challenges for the Gospel and the future of cities. Chapter outline and contributors include:

  • Foreword (Bishop Efraim Tendero)
  • Introduction (Dr. Ash Barker and Dr. Chris Elisara)
  • The Call to engage Urban Shalom (Andre Van Eymeren )
  • The Call to engage Urban Discipleship (Dr. Ash Barker)
  • The Call to engage Urban Disparity (Dr. Ruth Padilla de Bouest?)
  • The Call to engage Urban Diversity (Michael Mata)
  • The Call to engage Urban Design (Dr. Chris Miller)
  • The Call to engage Urban Children and Young People (Dr. Bryan McCabe)
  • The Call to engage the Urban Assets (Dr. Mary Nelson, John Loitti, Michael Mata)
  • What the new urban agenda needs from the church (Dr. Noah Toly)
  • The Call to Engage Urban Land Rights (Dr. Viv Grigg)
  • Conclusion: A call to action for the cities we need (Urban Shalom Project team)

The release date for the book is Oct. 2017.

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